I was introduced to yoga in 2006 and believe it or not, I decided yoga was not for me! Fortunately, I gave it a few more sessions and discovered the joys of the practice as it evolved first as a balance to other physical activities and then a few years later after a traumatizing experience, it developed a permanent space in my lifestyle.  Yoga to me is a moving meditation, a ritual of self-care and self-love, and an opportunity to re-connect to your soul in our fast-paced digital world.

Style of Teaching

I specialize in Hatha classes and typically infuse sessions with a little mindfulness, inquiry and release.  You can expect a focus on balancing challenge, safety and alignment.  Additional variations focus on pain care and Trauma Informed Yoga.

I am committed to empowering students to listen to their bodies and co-creating positive transformation in their yoga practice.


Private Sessions

Customised sessions for those wishing to benefit from a focus on alignments, assists and intensity level specific to your needs.  Expect to deepen your practice and be challenged with philosophical but playful inquiry.

Contact me for availability.