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You have more power than you realize, to create the life you want.

I create online offerings and content specifically designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and multi-passionates to develop confident clarity in their life purpose and next big steps. 

Take control of your outcomes through intentional action towards the life and business you want – minus the burnout. 

Choose the option you’re ready for or to explore more. Feel free to drop me an email or dm on social.

Develop crystal clear awareness and confidence. Focusing on your preferred area of choice and using top strategies and proven success principles for the ultimate customized program.   

Discover your purpose and passion, create a vision for your life, and set clear markers or goals.  Be ready to dive deep and uncover your limiting beliefs and what’s holding you back. Improve your relationships. Get over the comparison blues. Develop confidence.  Start living smart, not hard. Understand what’s most important to you. Create a schedule that works for you and develop the skills to trusting your gut.

Packaged in 6 or 12 sessions over 3 months, determined after an initial Discovery Call. Limited Availability. 

A personality assessment with no “type casting” or stereotyping. Discover your strengths, weaknesses and paradoxes, on both your good days and your not so good days. It’s an in-depth look at what makes you, you. 

We don’t fit into labeled boxes, so why do we accept personality assessments that do just that? This is not one of them. Lumina is a next generation tool designed to help individuals understand and identify their relationship within themself and with others. It provides a highly interactive colourful framework to unlock what we know and love about personality assessments, but with better and deeper self-understanding. 

It’s also what’s helped major organisations develop stronger communication processes, develop highly skilled and aware leaders, and boost collective performance – with major brands like Adidas and L’Oreal among their list of clients.

A 90 min private intensive with option to pair with 1:1 Coaching.

*Lumina Qualified Practitioner

Discover The Vision Articulator CourseTM. An online course at your own pace with a community to support you when you want it.  Lessons are released weekly paired with Live Q & A sessions for when you’re really feeling stumped.  

Discover your purpose and passion. Create a vision for your life. Set actionable goals that excite you. Learn what is most meaningful to you and how you might be self-sabotaging.  Uncover your limiting beliefs. Cheer each other on in a private Facebook group as you breakthrough blocks and realize your purpose.

The Vision Articulator CourseTM – Launching January 2021