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    Holiday Stress and Anxiety? Here are 5 Things You Can Do!

    Happy Holidays! Or is it happy? For some, it’s a time of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. This year without a doubt, looks a little different than most. So if you’re feeling like you need a little extra support to get through the holidays, first know that you’re not alone, and second, check out these 5 quick easy tips to help you manage stress and anxiety over the holidays.  1. Get Active. Winter is a particularly sluggish time of the year and getting your sweat on might be the last thing on your mind. At least 30 minutes of exercise will release endorphins, your body’s natural stress and anxiety reducing hormone.  Even…

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    Pandemic Pandemonium?

    From Overwhelm to Calm During the Corona Virus Outbreak The “end” is near! Is anyone else wondering where the time has gone?  It’s official, here in BC, Canada we are gearing up for CoVid measures to relax. Hurray! It’s hard to believe 2 months ago, what started out feeling like utter chaos, confusion, and panic has shifted and become a new normal.  Over these past few weeks I have ventured out of my home very little, but the change in air and the interactions from mid March til now are strikingly different.  No longer are we awkwardly trying to figure out how to bypass another safely, we just do. We naturally stand…

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    May the “Force” be with You!

    It’s May the 4th, “May the Force be with you!”, an unofficial Star Wars Day!! Really, who doesn’t love Star Wars?!  Well, I’d been thinking recently about this concept of “The Force” so what better day to write about it? Do you remember when you asked someone, “How are you doing” (Or for my UK friends, “Are you Alright?”), the default answer was, “Good”?  Have you noticed these past several years the default has switched to “busy”? Busy. There is much to be said about slowing down during regular times but with a global pandemic at our door, we are forced to slow down. There’s no choice now, with the exception of our frontline…