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    The 10 foot Commute (Part 3)

    How to Make Working From Home, Work! Part 3 is here!! I have a few more tips for you, some admittedly seem a bit silly, but hey, whatever works!!! 1. Walk to work if you have to. Yes, I literally mean get dressed, walk out the door, take a loop around the block (or farther), and “go to work“ (in your home).  I have moments where I just can’t get settled, so during these spells I “walk to work”.  It’s not something I do every day but it’s an extra step to help me get settled into a work mindset.   2. Create an alter ego.  I am bringing the adult version of make believe…

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    The 10 foot Commute (Part 2)

    How to Make Working From Home, Work! Yesterday we talked about SPACE, the rules to prepping your mind for working from home. Today I’m highlighting my favourite tips that help me stay “in the zone of focus”.  1. Keep your morning routine. What do you usually do to settle in? Do you make a coffee/tea in the communal kitchen?  Pick up breakfast on the go and eat it at work? Keep doing that, the only difference is you’re making it in your kitchen. 2. Background noise. If you are use to working in an open concept office or have the chatter and sounds of just being in an office, background noise can help…

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    The 10 foot Commute (Part 1)

    How to Make Working From Home, Work! The past week and a half has had some sudden and drastic changes. Adjustments so quick, we’re still adjusting. Amongst this, the sudden transition from going to work, to working from home.  Since it’s new for a lot of people, I created a 3 part “work from home” series to help those that might find this sudden change more challenging than expected.  Working from home sounds sexy and appealing at first, so when the order from Provincial health came through, you may have jumped for joy! But it’s been a week and now that you’ve tried it, you realize it’s not as simple as…