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What is 2020 Trying to Tell Us?

As we reflect back on 2020, it has been an “unprecedented” amount of “unprecedented” moments. 

We rolled into 2020 thinking this is it, this is the start of a brand new decade, another round of the “roaring twenties”.  This is my year!!! As if the culmination of wins and failures of the past decade were suddenly going to roll out to this milestone year of success.  Sound familiar?

One thing for certain, 2020 has required us to pause, slow down. It gave us a chance to “focus on you” and “reflect on what’s most important”. Of the many lessons from this past year, those themes ran strong.  

So if “Pause and Reflect” is the message of 2020, then how can we take those learning moments and move forward? Well, to maximize the benefit, here are 5 steps to apply to those learning moments so you can turn them into positive action.

First, AWARENESS. It all stems from awareness – awareness of who you are, your circumstance, your true desires, and how these impact your choices and decisions. 

Second, ASSESS. Where ARE you at right now, how did you get here? What in your life worked and didn’t work for you that led you to this very point? What brought you JOY this year?

Third, ACCEPT. We all make mistakes, but have you forgiven yourself or others for them? Are you holding onto pieces of your past or what should have, could have or would have been? This was “supposed” to be my breakout year? Let it go. Embrace your present moment and release your past.

Fourth, VISUALIZE. Create your future. What is it you truly want, not what your friends on Instagram have, but what you and your heart want. If it’s to earn a load of money, then figure out what that number is for you, not an arbitrary “millionaire” status.

And finally, the fifth step, take ALIGNED ACTION. Taking action is one thing, taking ALIGNED action is taking it up a notch! This is you, on purpose, with intention, moving towards what matters most to you.  Now that you  have had time to pause and reflect, what do these moments mean and how can you make shifts or pivots to take your next steps forward with intentional and aligned action? 

And as a bonus, CELEBRATE! Celebrate little wins and accomplishments. Celebrate those moments where you can’t stop laughing. Celebrate your scars and your journey. 

2021 isn’t going to magically make 2020 disappear into the past and become a magical switch back to normal. But we can take the challenges, the uprisings, the experiences of the year and make sense of it for our own life. Building on challenges are what helps us grow. 

The intention of these steps is to take what you’ve learned from the year and bring it back to you and what matters most. It is a return to your core, and in this centered space we find the capacity to grow with clarity.  We find enough kindness to understand opposing views that is increasingly dividing our nations and the grace to accept those differences. We find the patience and resilience to weather the continued storm and the strength to call on support if we need it. 

Though we cannot embrace and hug each other as freely and simply as we have in the past (for the time being), we do have the ability to communicate, to balance anxiety with calm, and to find those moments that have brought us joy and laughter and to create more of it for ourselves.

Happy New Year! May the learnings of 2020 be stepping stones towards your goals and dreams.

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