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Pandemic Pandemonium?

From Overwhelm to Calm During the Corona Virus Outbreak

The “end” is near! Is anyone else wondering where the time has gone? 

It’s official, here in BC, Canada we are gearing up for CoVid measures to relax. Hurray!

It’s hard to believe 2 months ago, what started out feeling like utter chaos, confusion, and panic has shifted and become a new normal.  Over these past few weeks I have ventured out of my home very little, but the change in air and the interactions from mid March til now are strikingly different.  No longer are we awkwardly trying to figure out how to bypass another safely, we just do. We naturally stand in a queue for groceries (or liquor?).  We swiftly step out of the way in order to share pathways and we ensure we don’t “crowd” each others space in the parks.

Despite this being a time of crisis, it is inspiring to watch and experience the power of both the human spirit and how adaptable we can be. 

It is without a doubt, heartbreaking to hear the stories of hardship and struggle, to see stores boarded up, and favorite spots announce their permanent closures.

While I recognize the varying level of challenges we are facing (and continue to face), could we not still say that there is a silver lining?

Prior to the Corona outbreak, we were in a constant space of “busy”, and now we have been forced to slow down. Where we were lacking support, community has stepped up. Where we were losing connection with friends and family, we have made the effort to reach out more and more via online platforms.  Where skies were heavily polluted, there has been a moment of clearing.  Where we have built towns and cities, animals now venture out to the quiet streets (and eat our foliage! Haha). 

One rising concern however, is that we ARE online more than ever, and with it the rise of  “comparison-itis”.  What we were first seeing as encouragement to use this time “wisely”, has become more overwhelming for some.  

If you’re feeling this pressure of not having picked up a new language or instrument, of showing off your culinary prowess or knitting game, then know that it is OK! What matters most is connecting to yourself and recognizing what YOU need, and not what everyone else is doing. 

So let’s pause… how exactly do you know what YOU need during self isolation and as you surface from this coronavirus emergency? Is it more Rest? Inquiry/Learning? Creativity? Or Stillness?

Below are 5 questions to take you from feeling overwhelm and comparison-itis to calm and clarity as you connect with what is right for you. Plan for 20min or more, but don’t overthink it!

These questions are designed to connect you to YOUR Needs during this Emergency and as we surface.

But before you begin, I made a this into a worksheet cause visual is soo much easier! Download option below!

Question 1: How are you feeling right now with the current situation?

To spark some ideas:

  • Heeelp! I can’t think, see left from right, I feel like an absolute mess!
  • I feel great!! Loving this extra time!
  • Let’s doooo this!! Kick CoVid in the butt!

Question 2: What actions can you do to support you in this moment?

To spark some ideas:

  • Listen to your gut, but perhaps just breathe! 5 minutes of meditation/quiet first thing in the morning. Sit down and journal 20 min a day. Write my top 3 things (and 3 things only) I want to complete for the day.
  • Time to get productive (read, finish the things on my to-do list categorized “other”, learn a language, pick up an online course). Recharge (add in more self-care routines, quality “video” calls with friends/family, read, try out a new hobby) 
  • Daily 3 – 5 to-do’s, amping up my workouts from this to that, time to become the next masterchef! 

Question 3: How do you most want to feel on the other side of this coronavirus emergency? Who is the person you want to show up?

To spark some ideas:

  • More Rested and not overwhelmed by life
  • Recharged from my regular routine
  • Healthy and strong, like my former self
  • To have a new (idea) for a business

Question 4: What actions can you do to support you towards that desired outcome?

To spark some ideas:

  • Meditate for 5 min a day
  • Read a book
  • Exercise for 20 min, 4x a week
  • Tidy up my pantry
  • Get 8 hours of sleep

Question 5: Take inventory of the themes that are showing up.

Let’s review! The info is in the data. Are your action steps from Question 4 matching up to your answers from Question 2? If yes, great! If not, focus on the actions you need for yourself now (in Questions 2) and give yourself permission to do just that. Once you’re ready, then move onto the desire feeling and actions from Question 4.  

If you haven’t already, get the handy worksheet!

That’s it! Stay focused on these answers and come back to them anytime you feel a sense of comparison-itis creeping up on you.  It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing (no matter how sexy or appealing it looks), what matters is how you need to come out of this “season of change”.  Imagine being fully rested and recharged.  The energy you gain will help supercharge you forward. What is truly important during this unprecedented “pandemic period” is that we all stay connected, not only with each other, but also with ourselves. Stay healthy my friend!

So much love to you! 

What did you think? I’d love to hear your discoveries, actions and questions! Leave them in the comments below!


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