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May the “Force” be with You!

It’s May the 4th, “May the Force be with you!”, an unofficial Star Wars Day!! Really, who doesn’t love Star Wars?!  Well, I’d been thinking recently about this concept of “The Force” so what better day to write about it?

Do you remember when you asked someone, “How are you doing” (Or for my UK friends, “Are you Alright?”), the default answer was, “Good”?  Have you noticed these past several years the default has switched to “busy”?

Busy. There is much to be said about slowing down during regular times but with a global pandemic at our door, we are forced to slow down.

There’s no choice now, with the exception of our frontline workers and essential service providers (bless you <3). No one is left un-impacted by this global crisis.

At first, we took to doing a lot of tidying and clean up of our home, perhaps an increase in Netflix watching…and now? 

We are so fortunate in the age of technology that self isolation/protecting our health has been manageable thanks to the ability to connect digitally.

How amazing has it been to see heartwarming stories of community support, to connect with friends and family that you usually “don’t have time for”, and to take moments of reflection on the things we had once taken for granted? Even our world is healing – mother nature has had more glimpses of fresh air, our animals are venturing out and exploring what was once their territory. The world is healing among the sadness of our losses.

I cannot help but think that there is some un-seeable Force, commanding us to slow down, to rethink the direction we have been heading, and to reconnect with fellow humans and the planet.  It has given us a chance to look at what is truly a priority in our lives.  Unfortunately it has taken a global pandemic to stop us in our tracks.  But this is how it is, and now we ask, what’s next?

As this becomes our new norm, I encourage this “Force” to continue into the next chapter of this crisis with 3 questions to support you:

  1. What is one thing you have always wanted to do (for yourself)?
  2. Who are the 5 key people in your life that you want to build or maintain a better relationship with?
  3. What is one habit you can create to find reflection and connection within or with mother nature?

As we cross over 7 weeks since the announcement of a global crisis, I am in AWE of the human spirit, our strength and resilience, and the acts of kindness the world over.

What thoughts does this bring up for you? Comment below or share your answers to the questions above! I would love to hear from you!

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