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Leaping Forward

Happy Leap Year! This year we get a bonus 24 hours to the year! What a treat jumping into this new decade.

I couldn’t help resist making a post for today simply for the date but also because I love the play on words that brings about a little boost of motivation!

So in honour of Leap Year, I’m here to talk about leaping forward into the rest of your year through goal setting.  If you haven’t set some goals or visions yet for the year or new decade, then it’s not too late! In fact, it’s never too late!

Goal setting gives you something to set your sights on. It’s a marker and a way to move forward into your vision for your life. Too often we get complacent and we wonder where the time has gone. We see others accomplishing multiple things and you wonder “how do they have the TIME?!“ Everyone is gifted with the same 24 hours but it is how we spend it that makes a big difference. Naturally some of us do have more spare time than others, however in our spare time is we choose things to do based off of comfort and priorities. Setting goals is one of the first steps to helping make decisions towards our priorities.

Now, if you’re not a fan of setting goals here’s a simple way to get started.

But firstly, do you have a dislike towards setting goals? 

You’re not alone. There’s so much to be said around blocks we have around goal setting but a few common ones are FEAR, DISCOMFORT and CONSTRAINT. Feelings we experience, such as FEAR, can be fear of not reaching it (and failing), fear of judgement, and/or fear of the change it will bring.  You may experience DISCOMFORT, discomfort around the actions that now need to happen.  For my freedom seekers, it brings up feelings of CONSTRAINT, that setting something means losing or sacrificing something else.  

When I work with clients around goal setting and when I set my own goals, I have a spectrum of categories to really get down to specifics. However, to keep things simple, I just want you to think of 1 – 3 goals that will make you more Happy, Healthy and Wealthy. 

Some examples:

HAPPY, what 3 goals can you do to increase your happiness? It could be as simple as picking up a new hobby, spending time with family, scheduling a weekly “me time” bath. Whatever if looks like for you, write those down!

HEALTHY, 3 goals in this area could be reducing body fat by X%, scheduling in workouts in advance with a buddy, starting “meatless Mondays” to reduce your meat consumption. 

WEALTHY, I know this can be a cringe-worthy word for some, but consider these examples. 3 goals for wealth could be picking up a course (or even just a few books) to increase your knowledge or skill in your area of expertise.  Meeting with a financial advisor and get clear on your long term financial vision. Or evaluating your purchasing habits/decisions to recover money spent where it can be diverted to bigger plans. It does not have to be “make a million dollars” although it definitely could be!

Now I know for those of you who are familiar with goal setting concepts, then you probably know my examples don’t fall within the “SMART” goal setting parameters. And if you don’t know what “SMART” goals are, that’s ok! I will cover it in another post. For now, I just want you to get your goal setting juices flowing!

So today I challenge you, share 3 of your goals with me that will help you Leap Forward into the rest of this year! I’d love to hear from you!


  • Emma

    Jenn! Creeping you has apparently proven to provide an excellent reminder about what other important things to do with my time.


    1. Wealthy: Ummm… a few. Utilize our space properly, secure Eastern distribution, continue to provide greater support to our clientele here out West!
    2. Healthy: actually meditate every day or every other day…
    3. Happy: If I can get 1. to prove fruitful, I will be in a better position to finally get pets- animals provide me with a lot of peace and joy. I need them!

    Thanks for the super post, lovely <3

    xo emma

    • Jenn Lam

      Love these! What inspiring goals, I know you’ve been working so hard! I would love to support you on these when we connect next! xo

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