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Embracing Change

Well, hello! 

The last few months I have been laying pretty low on the coaching front but I am so thrilled to be ramping it up again because of some major shifts and changes I have made in order to open up time and space for this purpose.  So, I wanted to take a moment to share my recent uncomfortable transition in hopes that it may serve you if you’re feeling stuck.

About a month ago I had one of those days, a day where a collision of all my current responsibilities were pulling me in simultaneous directions. It was hard to stay both present and positive in the moment and I ended the day emotional and overwhelmed, dumping my thoughts on some poor unsuspecting soul. I tried to sleep it off and though my positive attitude had returned the next day, I knew something had to change.

I had actually been putting out into the universe for the past couple of months that I needed to end a major contract because it had taken over my effectiveness in building my own businesses. As a natural people pleaser and perfectionist, my own goals often get pushed after everything else because the only person who will be disappointed by not reaching them, is me. But how much of your own disappointment are you willing to take?

Well, the universe heard me and delivered to my scattered brain an “out” on the contract. I knew this was it.  I won’t deny how incredibly terrifying knowing I would lose a significant source of stability was going to be, but since it was holding hostage all the real estate in my head, I knew the cost of that safety net was not worth it. The sporadic nature of it drained me mentally and I rarely had the energy left to be creating and building. (More on productivity and context switching to come!) Once the decision was final, instead of feeling the pressure from knowing that it would create challenges in some areas of my life, I felt an enormous release. The mental space that has opened up has given me more clarity around my purpose. 

We are constantly presented with change and choices, some greater than others. I implore you to review your current state and ask if the things in your life are serving you and supporting you towards your goals and dreams. If something is not, is this a temporary situation that you are aware of or is it time to make some decisions? 

Humans are creatures of habit and we tend to resist change, especially around bigger decisions such as career moves, breakups, or a move to a different city/country. We come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons to delay making them. It is natural to have hesitations and fear around big decisions but what is it going to cost you in the long run? Will you have regret?  

I wrote in my new years post that one of my words for the year is courage. So I encourage you to choose courage over fear because how much regret are you willing to carry with you in your one chance at life?

Whenever I struggle to have courage tip the scale, I ask myself a simple question, “what would my 80 year old self say to me?” 

So today I ask you, if you are struggling with a major choice or decision, what would your 80 year old self say to you?

With love and gratitude.

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