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Ringing in a New Year, What Comes First?

It’s that time of year again, we say goodbye to one year and set new goals for the one ahead. This year is going to be different…

As a goal setting addict, I get the thrill of giving old goals a re-fresh or the excitement of setting new ones. It is great to have things to strive for but in this day and age as we push to be better versions of ourselves, we often put our focus and attention solely on what society has deemed as achieving success. We focus on our careers and the next promotion, finding a special partner, starting a new venture, buying a house, losing those extra 10lbs… the list goes on.  Without a doubt, these are all goals worth pursuing, but for a moment think about what you DO have. In particular, is there anywhere in your goals that lists spending more time improving your existing relationships? Are you giving yourself time to care for you and are you nurturing those relationships with people that love and lift you?

Have you ever noticed that at a funeral, they don’t list your successes and achievements like a resume? They talk about how you showed up and served the world and their favourite memories of you.

Do your goals include “making new memories”?

As we get older our years seem to spin faster and faster and in a digital age we are also inundated with more and more information that fights for our attention. Where did 2018 go? Forget that, where did the past few years go?!

Within recent years I have had an unsettling frequent number of conversations about disease, illness, and infertility that has impacted friends, family, and family of close friends. Fortunately most have either been a health scare or been given a fighting chance. But unfortunately, some have been fatal.  Time is fleeting, time is precious, so spend it wisely.

So for 2019, I simply encourage you to keep going for those goals and resolutions, and be mindful of where you’re putting your priorities.

One of the things I do every new year is choose 3 words to focus on. It helps bring more of that word to my life in support of my goals and relationships. So as we move into a new year, I share my 2019 words with some thoughts on where you might apply them and how I will be bringing them into my life.


Courage to close a chapter of your life that is not working for you, to repair broken relationships, or to fight for one you really believe in. Courage to take a leap of faith or step towards something you’ve been thinking about for some time (perhaps a new venture?) and remembering to be open in your communication on what that will look like for you and the people around you. 

Courage to me this year is pushing through fear in my business and uncomfortable conversations in my relationships.


Remembering that everyone’s journey through life is 100% unique and that most of the time you are in disagreement or a fight, it’s because of their story and not yours. You’re fighting their fear and their pain. So before you jump to conclusions (yes I know this is difficult), take a moment to ask, what is REALLY going on here?

Empathy to me this year is especially important as I have more and more coaching conversations. It helps me be patient and remain in a space of Love.  


I am a big cheesy, sappy optimist who believes in “love is the answer”. So Love unsurprisingly, is always one of my three words.

Because if you’re in a fight, have the COURAGE to be the first to show LOVE and the argument will be taken down a notch or three. If you’re frustrated or confused, be EMPATHETIC and choose to be in a space of LOVE so that even if you don’t understand, you will simply be present and ooze warmth. If you feel disconnected or lonely, GIVE LOVE.  Seems counterintuitive (for those who are on the “how do you give love if you have none” camp) but we have such a shortage of this priceless commodity and with the recent separatist movements, showing up where someone else needs it more will FILL UP your LOVE cup.  

LOVE for me, is the answer.

So with that, may you jump into 2019 with COURAGE, show up with EMPATHY, and through the ebbs and flows of this journey, choose LOVE as the answer. Happy New Year!

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